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Estate tag sales are usually done at the home. However, occasionally circumstances will require that your estate be moved to another location. We take care of everything, including:

  • Researching and pricing all items.
  • Staging your home or alternative location in preparation for the sale
  • Extensive promotion and advertising
  • Staffing for sale days
  • Donation and clean-up services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an estate tag sale?  An estate tag sale is a sale typically held in your home. All items are tagged and available for sale at the tagged price. As the sale progresses, the prices will be reduced. The goal is to maximize the total sale amount given the short time period. Reasons for having an Estate Tag Sale include the death of a family member, a move to assisted living, downsizing or moving.

Is my estate large enough for an estate sale? We will meet with you and determine if your estate is large enough to conduct an onsite sale. If not, it is possible to combine your estate with another estate or to sell your items via another method, such as our Online Market.

What type of items are typically sold at an Estate Tag Sale? All types of styles are sold including antique to mid century to contemporary furniture and decor. Items include everything from furniture and decorative items to automobiles and collectibles. Many items that seem of no value to you may be of value to someone else. Words of wisdom - don't throw anything away until you've spoken to us.

Will I be able to have any input into the pricing? Absolutely. Items are priced based on a number of factors: today's market value, rarity, and the short period of time given to sell an estate. However, you may place a minimum price on a small number of items.

What if I have extremely high end items that need national exposure? Southern Estate Sale Ladies has ongoing relationships with several high end specialty auction houses. We can facilitate consignment of appropriate items.

How do you price your services? Most services are based on a percentage of the total sales. Therefore, you don't pay any upfront fees. We deduct our fees after the sale is complete.

What happens after the sale is over? After the sale is over, we will continue to offer certain items for sale, either through consignment or online sales. In addition, we will work with you to determine the disposition of your remaining items.

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