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Southern Estate Sale Ladies happened by circumstance. Lisa has been staging homes for several years and got a call from a local Spartanburg Realtor to stage his listing. She quickly determined that the home would show much better being empty rather than staged. This particular home had tremendous architectural elements that needed to be showcased. She contacted her friend Mary who had a successful consignment shop to see if she could take the belongings into her shop. Mary decided to contact Angela with her vast knowledge of estate sales to determine if we should hold an on-site estate sale. The three decided to go this route and had a very successful estate sale within two weeks of the initial contact.

Lisa Chapman She started her career in the computer industry for 25 years. She decided to make a change and entered the real estate world with her husband. While doing research, she discovered that home staging was an up and coming trend in the industry. HGTV and others gave the profession credibility. She formed a company - Upstate Staging Solutions. This led to a more profitable endeavor with aiding customers to downsize, purge and eliminate goods via estate sales.

Angela Platt Her career began in the insurance industry and she was a partner in a business in Greenville. Angela and her husband Glen, had an antique booth for many years and share a love for estate sale and tag sale shopping. She has an interest and knowledge in collectibles, antiques, and mid-century furniture, knowing exactly what to look for in any item to determine it's worth.

Mary White She started her career in the real estate business. After 35 years, she decided to follow her passion by owning her own business. She created the successful Second Glance Consignment retail store. This in turn led to a more profitable, lucrative, and faster turn around for options for customers via estate sales.

Why us?

With our combined strengths and backgrounds, we are able to make your transition as easy as possible!

Let us take care of every detail.

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